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Marvel Avengers Alliance Epic Boss Guide

There are epic bosses hidden in the game of Marvel Avengers Alliance. Below is a guide on how to unlock these hidden epic bosses and strategies on how to defeat them. If you have found this guide useful or helpful, please check out our other guides for Marvel Avengers Alliance. I will now also include some notes for the Special Ops Epic bosses as they become available.

How to Unlock MAA Epic Boss

To unlock the epic bosses in the specific missions, you will need to complete the following tasks:
Complete all threats – including the final bosses
Deploy the heroes as requested.
After you have completed these tasks, do not exit the map after defeating the final mission boss. The hidden Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss should appear.

Unlocking Marvel Avengers Alliance Epic Boss List

Chapter 2-3: Elektra (deploy Black Cat)
Epic Drop: Grecian Sai – counter and bleed effect
Chapter 3-5: Dr. Doom (deploy Spiderman)
Epic Drop: The Doombringer – Debuff an enemy and raise your agents stats
Chapter 4-4: Magneto (deploy Storm)
Epic Drop: Magnetic Field Generator – creates shields and when the shields are removed the ally gains an extra turn. This is one of the best equipment in Marvel Avengers Alliance, so you should definitely make note to farm and obtain the Magnetic Field Generator.
Chapter 5-3: Loki (deploy Wolverine)
Epic Drop: Norn Stone – Increase all the agents’s stats
Chapter 6-3: Doctor Octopus (deploy Luke Cage)
Epic Drop: Electrostatic Arm – Attacks will also shock enemies; enemies with negative charge receive extra damage
Chapter 7-3: Green Goblin (deploy Spider-man)
Epic Drop: Goblin Glider – Stealth do not trigger counter, deal extra damage to flying units, and extra damage on critical attack.
Chapter 8-5: The Hood (deploy Tactician, a Blaster and Hawkeye)
Special Note: Need Spider-Woman to start battle, but can switch her off at hero selection.
Epic Drop: Possessed Pistol – Devastates defense and evasion.
MAA Special Ops Section
SPECIAL OPERATIONS 001 – Don’t Say A Word…-Availability: From May 15th – June 11th
Mission 1: Hammerhead
Deployment List:
Spider-Woman – 1 Battle
Black Widow – 1 Battle
Tactician – 2 Battles
Infiltrator – 2 Battles
Any Hero – 1 Battle
Epic Boss Drop: The Toolbox, 10 Unstable ISO-8

Easier Epic Boss Trick

The Epic Boss’ Difficulty is determined by the mastery points that you have achieved in game. By having a high mastery in the mission scenario, the epic boss’ attack power and strength will be significantly higher than its lower mastery counterparts. What you can do is to abort the mission scene after you defeat the final boss. This will make your life easier when you are trying to farm the epic loots dropped by the hidden MAA epic boss.

CP Farming Method

It should be noted that Marvel Avengers Alliance epic bosses are the best way to farm for command points in game. The basic idea is the critical hits against epic boss fights have higher chance of looting and dropping command points for you.

Special Ops Epic Boss Notes

Because of the time limitation and unstable ISO-8 spending nature for the special ops, it should be noted that just like regular epic bosses, you will have to complete all of the threats before you can unlock the epic bosses. However, the requirement of unstable ISO-8 makes it harder to achieve so. You should make your own judgement as whether or not you want to go for the epic bosses or try to obtain higher level of MAA mastery points possible per unstable ISO-8 spent.

Strategy Tips to Defeat and Beat Epic Bosses

Chapter 2-3 Electra:
The Epic boss Elektra will be teamed up by 2 Scrappers. Avoid using Infiltrators in your Marvel Avengers Alliance team when you are facing Elektra. A good Bruiser with good HP count will help a lot in this battle due to Elektra’s Counter attack ability. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.
Chapter 3-5 Dr. Doom:
You will face 3 doombots in this MAA Epic boss battle. The strategy for them is pretty simple: focus all of your attacks on a single doombot to destroy it. This is because the doombot has a special ability to sacrifice itself and heal other doombots. Therefore, by fully destroying a single epic boss doombot, you will not let it heal others. Or the healing done by the almost dead doombot will be very limited.
Chapter 4-4 Magneto:
It is a little tricky to defeat the Epic Boss Magneto. The MAA Magneto attacks can convert target’s attacks into either positive or negative charge. Magneto will then defend himself with either Positron Shield with positive charge or Electron Shield with Negative Charge. Your attacks can only pass through the shield when it is opposite of the shield. This means that your MAA positive charge attacks can pass through Electron Shield and negative charge attacks can pass through Positron shield. However, status effects such as poison and items can prove to work well against Magneto because his shield defense can be hard to beat.
Chapter 5-3 Loki:
The epic boss Loki comes in 3 waves. The second one is the hardest such that you will have to find the real Loki. This guide will explain some of the methods that you can use to easily defeat Marvel Avengers Alliance Loki.
Chapter 6-3 Doctor Octopus:
Doc Ock is a straight forward and easy battle for an Epic Boss in Marvel Avengers Alliance. The only unusual attack that you need to watch out for is that he transfers a “hot potato” ISO virus at you. This attack boosts his companions once in a while. The Doctor Octopus virus can be sent back by attacking so it’s pretty simple to get rid of. You can deal alot of damage with the ISO virus right before its expiration.
Chapter 7-3 Green Goblin:
Green Goblin is alone and is a Scrapper. This combination makes him reasonably easy to defeat with Bruisers. Use a couple of Bruisers and you should be able to make short work of Green Goblin. The green Goblin is one of the easiest Marvel Avengers Alliance Epic Boss to kill.
Chapter 8-5 The Hood:
This difficult Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss battle contain three waves. Each of these levels will have The Hood being the battle leader in all of the waves.
Wave 1: The Hood (Infiltrator), Hydro-man (Bruiser), Crimson Cowl (Infiltrator)
Wave 2: The Hood (Infiltrator), Madame Masque (Tactician), Constrictor (Tactician)
Wave 3: The Hood (Infiltrator), Jack O’Lantern (Blaster), Grey Gargoyle (Scrapper)
Combat strategies: Because The Hood the infiltrator is fighting in all of the three waves, you should swap out Spider-Woman for the strongest Scrapper that you have. Some good choices of scrapper to use in this epic boss battle include Iron Fist or Daredevil.
Avoid using blasters in your team setup because the second wave of Tacticians will destroy your blaster. The third wave is the hardest with nasty debuffs which need to be dealt with quickly. The bosses in this epic opponent battle are all immune to stun.
Based on these, the best team setup is Scrapper + Supportive Tactician for this epic boss battle. Instead of Tactician you can also use a strong Bruiser as tank, however you can be rendered weak against the Jack O’Lantern in the final wave.
Finally, it should be noted that this level grants you alot of experience points for losing the battle. Thus, once you have achieve the 5 star mastery with this chapter, consider using our Marvel Avengers Alliance CP farming method, except for here you can farm both the EXP and CP at the same time for losing, which is 1 stone two bird.

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