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God Eater Burst / God Arc Weapon Review Part 2 Final

Sakuya.. and her BIG gun >=D
When I'm playing Action RPG such as Monster Hunter or God Eater and they have a variety of weapons to choose, I always like choosing any melee weapons especially swords. I'm not really fond of using any ranged-type of weapons. In GE's case, you are fix to use a sword and a gun. Although you're free to choose whatever you want to use in battle, you will come to the point that you will have to use them both. As for me, I'm force to use the God Arc's Gun form at some point, but its not that I don't entirely like it. Since the game encourage you to be versatile, being trigger happy sometimes can't be half bad, I guess. And to be fair, there are lots of things you can do in Gun form other than just blasting Aragami's.

With Gun form, you're able to equip various bullets at your disposal. Firing bullets are done by pressing either Square or Triangle button (Depends on where you set the bullets). Bullets can be set either by in the menu options by pressing Start button and choose the option for bullets or in-battle by holding either Square or Triangle button (Again, depends which button you want to set the bullet) then scroll left and right using L or R button to choose bullets available to you.

Most of the bullets are elemental-based so it’s advantageous to use one especially against Aragami's with specific elemental traits. There even bullets specifically for healing comrades in battle. Gun form consumes OP (Oracle points), the stronger the bullet you're using, the larger the OP consumes. If run-out of OP, it can refill for every melee attack (Sword form) connects.

Once in Burst mode, Gun form's capabilities extends and you can able to adapt Aragami's abilities you have bitten and use it as bullets for your gun. The added Aragami ability is usually set on Triangle button overlapping the bullets that was set there but you can always switch it if you like. You can even share your Burst to other comrades (Burst Link) by pressing R and Triangle button while facing to the direction of your comrade (You'll notice a triangle indicator serves as a lock-on Burst link for comrades).

Just like I mentioned the last time, both Sword and Gun form have its own set of types to choose. Gun form also has 3 types. Basically, you can equip any types of bullets to any types of gun BUT the effects of the bullets can be enhance when equipping specific gun-type fit for it. I wasn’t actually aware of this difference until recently. Thanks to my buddies Raipo and Homer for pointing me this. ;)

used a custom bullets. 3 directional homing laser!

Sniper type. Sniper-type gun enhances piercing damage. Probably the most balance gun-type you could use because most types of bullets works well in this type since most bullets have pierce attributes. One good example for it is the Laser bullet.

it doesn't look that fast but its definitely faster than sniper and blast

Assault type. Assault-type gun enhances the firing speed of the bullet. Just like Sniper-type, most bullets works well in this type only enhances its firing speed. It’s easy to say that this type is probably the most offensive because of its quick shots but the damage per shot is actually weaker compare to Sniper-type or even compare to Blast-type.

bang! Bang! BANG! XD ... wait. where do i heard of that... 
Blast type. Blast-type gun enhances crushing damage so this type works well to any bullets with exploding effect like bombs and mortars. The type is best describe as a grenade launcher. Compare to other 2 types, Blast-type's firing speed is slower.

Once you get a clear idea on what gun-type is best at and what bullet is best use at, its pretty much self-explain on how would you use your bullets and what kind of gun you would prefer to use. The only thing that might complicate it is the bullet customization... and sorry, we won't get to that part for now. (^^)”

And that concludes my God Arc review. Hope it helps a bit. I would still make another review for GEB and it will be a general review for the game but I won't probably be working on it for now and I actually plan to save that article for my other blog page. For now, I'll leave this to you and I hope you enjoyed it.

Until then!

PS: If ever any of you read my other reviews regarding Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Weapons and you're wondering what happen because I haven't continued it, I'm still working on it, don't worry. It just that I got too busy on stuffs and my mind slips (again). 
Though I could work on it already but since its been a while now and I'm thinking of a right moment to work and post it. You might not going to see it for a while but I'll definitely going to finish it. For now, I hope you would still enjoy dropping by. Thanks!

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