Friday, July 20, 2012

God Eater Burst / God Arc Weapon Review Part 1

I've been playing God Eater Burst for some time now and I'm enjoying it. I actually played the Japanese version first but that was kinda my prototype play only to try out how the battle system works. I even wrote my First Impression Review about it before. Now that I finally get to understand the game system at full, there are things I didn't quite covered the last time especially how its “double-faced” weapon's – the God Arc feature works.

So let me re-evaluate as I tackle again another review for God Eater focusing to its weapon's feature. Treat this as my updated review for GE... a second impression review, I guess (><)

God Arc is the main weapon wield by God Eaters in the game. Capable of changing from sword-type to gun-type or vice versa. While in Sword form it can also launch a Shield to block attacks by pressing R and Circle button. It can also assume another form called Predator form by holding Triangle button to charge up and release it in time. Predator is use to bite-off Aragami's to absorbs its abilities and temporarily go in Burst mode. You can also launch a quick Predator attack while doing a combo by pressing R and Triangle button after 1 or 2 attacks (Depends on the sword you're using). Predator is also use to harvest materials from Aragami once it was beaten.
Sword and Gun form have its own set of types to choose. Depending in your preferred play style each has its 3 types. For this article, let's start off with Sword form:

Short type. The most basic sword type. It's short and it only deals fair amount of damage yet it gives you more speed and maneuver. Because of its lightweight trait, performing a combo is its strong point. More of it, short-type sword is where you can only do Advanced Step (You can step/dash much quicker while attacking) and Advanced Jump (You can jump much quicker while attacking)

Long type. The Long-type sword is probably the most balance among the 3 types. Having decent deal of damage and maneuver. It's the only sword type that can perform Impulse Edge where it does a short shot attack by pressing R Button and Square Button. It's kinda like a quick gun form maneuver and it also consumes OP (Oracle points used by Gun form as bullets)

Buster type. Buster-type sword is the hard-hitter among the 3 types. Wielding a big sword, you're pretty much slow and lacks maneuver but deals much greater damage than any other sword types. Buster-type is the only sword type that can do Charge Crush attack where you can charge-up your sword by holding Square button and release it in time for much powerful damage (If you're familiar with Monster Hunter's Great Sword, its a similar trait) More of it, Buster-type sword is where you only do Advanced Guard (You can switch to Shield much quicker while attacking)

So that's pretty much the basic stuffs for God Arc's Sword form. We'll going to cover the Gun form on my next article. Hope you enjoy the article!

Until then!

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