Friday, July 20, 2012

God Eater Burst Bullet Mixing and Best Bullet Combinations Guide

God Eater Burst is such a very challenging game that – sword and shield leet skills aside – you also need to juice up your bullets for wider area hits and stronger damage – that is, if you know how to properly mix bullets.

Now, I'll compile here God Eater Burst's best bullet combinations. Y'know, the kind that will drain 60 OP at one shot but will cause massive damage when properly used. And just imagine the possibilities of these bullets combined with the 9999 OP CWCheat.

Now, this is going to be a lot of God Eater Burst bullet mixing information. I suggest you take it in one by one and not in one seating, or else you'll get your head blown off. Anyway, read on and enjoy:

How to create/modify a bullet in God Eater Burst

1. Go to any terminal in the Fenrir Far East Branch Headquarters;

2. Select the Bullet option from the menu;

3. Select an empty box in the bullet deposit box then press triangle for the bullet menu. You can create a new bullet, edit an existing bullet, or duplicate an existing bullet;

4. You'll arrive at this bullet interface. Edit your bullet to your liking, save it and name it as your own;

WARNING: Creating bullets could take an obscene amount of time off your day. I tried making one to no success and it ate 5 hours of my morning.

God Eater Bullet Mixes and Combinations Guide

Now, just look at all the photos below and follow the formula on your bullet mixing menu. Bullet credits via their respective owners/mixers:

You can also download a .doc file via the link below which also contains bullet mixes that aren't mentioned above:

Download GOD EATER BULLETS.doc here

Format: Microsoft Word File (.doc)
Size: 39.5KB


• Make sure you have sufficient OP to fire the bullets above. As you can see, those bullets eat OP big time. You'll be on a crunch if you'll use these in a critical mission;
• You can't create some of the bullets above until you've reached a certain difficulty setting (or at least if Licca hasn't mailed you information regarding new chips yet);
• Bullets above work as advertised when used with the proper gun i.e. gun that has a Blaze element multiplier of 5.60x. So unless you're using a specialized bullet on a specialized gun, you'll still be seeing mediocre bullet damage;
• Deco Bullets are decoration effect bullets and depends on how you use it,you can make certain bullet hit a certain aragami weakspot or make your bullet a long range type. Less decoration means more hits and more damage;
• SS, S, M and L pertain to the size of the bullet you're mixing;
• There are only 8 slots in the bullet mixing menu. Make every slot count.

And just to piss you off, you can even reach up to 5,418 damage. Watch the YouTube clip below (God Eater Japanese Version):

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