Friday, July 20, 2012

God Eater 2: An All New Episode

The release of the first game GOD EATER and its upgraded version GOD EATER BURST sold over a million copies in total. With this smashing success, it is only a matter of time before GOD EATER 2 is made. ­­

● The official sequel to GOD EATER is finally here!

The release of the first game sold over 600,000 copies despite being a completely new title. Total sales of the title have exceeded 1,100,000 when the upgraded version, GOD EATER BURST, was released eight months after the original. With this smashing success, it is only a matter of time before GOD EATER 2 is made. ­­

● Three years have passed since you took down the gods!

The stage is set three years after to the events of the previous title. The world is still threatened by the vicious Aragami, so the God Eaters' mission to hunt them down is still not over. A new world setting will be introduced and a new hero will play an active role in the story of the game. Expect some new weapons and new enemies to be introduced as well.

● Story

Year 2074 AD. Even though three years have already passed since the previous incident, the world is still being plagued by a mysterious threat. The hero visits the Fenrir Far East Branch as a member of the Special Forces "Blood" who belong to "Freyja" and is under the direct supervision of Fenrir Headquarters. New species of Aragami have been threatening the Far East Branch and a mysterious red rain have caused a pandemic of incurable disease...

● THE New Hero

The hero will act as the player's alter ego. A New-Type of God Eater belonging to the Special Forces "Blood". The new visual style allows your character to show more facial expressions. Expect more character customizations.

Special Forces Blood Uniform: Female Version
Special Forces Blood Uniform: Male Version

● The New weapons

Although the previous title gave us three kinds of weapons; the short blade, long blade and buster blade, the three were all swords. Now, you can use weapons other than swords.

Boost Hammer
Charge Spear

● The New STAGE

Introducing the Independent Mobile Headquarters "Freyja" where the hero is stationed. It is possible that the story may branch out to the Fenrir Far East Branch where the previous title occurred and some other Fenrir Branches might get involved as well.

Independent Mobile Headquarters, Freyja

● The New Aragami

In addition to the Aragami that you fought during the previous title, many more new species of Aragami will appear. One of them is considered the symbol of GOD EATER 2, the "Marduk."

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