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General Information

BY : Dragon City Ultimate Guide

Game Overview

The Aim of Dragon City is to breed, hatch and collect dragons, fight other dragons and win prizes.

Breed Dragons to collect, Unique, Rare and Legendary Dragons. 

Hatch your unique eggs in the hatchery and place them in their habitats to earn gold. Each Dragon earns different amounts of gold, the higher the level the more they earn so be sure to click their habitats to collect. Also to make your Dragons earn more, use the boosts available after selected levels, there is a boost for every habitat so make sure to use the maximum amount to earn more gold. 

Build farms to grow food, to level your Dragons. The higher you level your Dragon, the more  food it requires so make sure to have plenty of farms, and to upgrade whenever possible.

Gems are rare and not so easy to get. Don't waste them, hold on to them to get important things like Hatchery Upgrades to be able to hatch more eggs at a time, The Ultra Breeding Tree to be able to breed two sets of Dragons at a time, and Island expansions to make more room for more Dragons. You can obtain gems by completing goals, combat and completing pages in The Book of Dragons.

The Stadium and Combat is where the fun truly begins, Pick three of your toughest Dragons to fight other Dragons and players to win  those precious gems and gold. The more battles you win, the harder they get so be sure to upgrade your Dragons attacks in the Training Centre whenever possible.


There is no fast way to obtain gems other than buying, but why buy them when you can get them for free? Complete all quests by Deus (Quest giver) that will give you money, gems, experience, play by his plans and you will achieve much more than trying to discover all for yourself.

Also build a Stadium as soon as you can,  every 12 hours you will be able to fight and get 2 gems each time you win, and/or simply by winning in the combat world dragon leagues and/or completing pages in the Dragon Book.


Food is essential in every dragon city as it is the only way to level your dragon. There are a couple ways to obtain food, the main way being through farms. Be sure to continue to build and upgrade your farms as you level because as your Dragons get to higher levels they will need more and more food. The other way to get food is through your market or gifts, although this is not recommended as a primary source as it only gives you small boosts.

Amount of Food Per/Level for Dragons


The same formula is used before the updates were made. Food value is doubled every level. That is:

LEVEL 1-2: 5 = 20
LEVEL 2-3: 10 = 40
LEVEL 3-4: 20 = 80
LEVEL 4-5: 40 = 160
LEVEL 5-6: 80 = 320
LEVEL 6-7: 160 = 640
LEVEL 7-8: 320 = 1280
LEVEL 8-9: 640 = 2560
LEVEL 9-10: 1280 = 5120
So you need a total of 10,220 FOOD from Level 1-10.


The formula is that food value increases by 30% every level. That is:

I have here one example:

LEVEL 10-11: 1664 = 6656

Level 9 food value is 1280. If it increases by 30%, that would be 1280 multiply by 1.3, equals to 1664. Those with decimal value are rounded of course. To continue:

LEVEL 11-12: 2163 = 8652
LEVEL 12-13: 2812 = 11284
LEVEL 13-14: 3656 = 14624
LEVEL 14-15: 4753 = 19012
LEVEL 15-16: 6178 = 24712
LEVEL 16-17: 8032 = 32128
LEVEL 17-18: 10441 = 41764
LEVEL 18-19: 13574 = 54296
LEVEL 19-20: 17645 = 70580
LEVEL 20-21: 22940 = 91760
So you need a total of 375,468 FOOD from Level 11-21.

LEVEL 21-22: 29822 = 119288
LEVEL 22-22: 38768 = 155072
LEVEL 23-24: 50398 = 201592
LEVEL 24-25: 65518 = 262072
LEVEL 25-26: 85173 = 340692
LEVEL 26-27: 110725 = 442900
LEVEL 27-28: 143943 = 575772
LEVEL 28-29: 187126 = 748504
LEVEL 29-30: 243264 = 973056

So you need a total of 3,818,948 FOOfrom Level 21-30.


There are 2 main ways to earn gold. The first is probably the most known way: Collecting from habitats.

But it isn't as easy as it sounds: some dragons have a better earning rate, but can only stay in habitats with a low max gold amount. 
The best way is to combine some dragons with high earning, low max with dragons with low earning, high max. 

The best dragons of each element are:
Earth: Earth, Star and Poo Dragon (15)
Fire: Laser Dragon (12)
Water: Poo Dragon (15) (, Coral Dragon (12))
Plant: Tropical, Coral and Gummy Dragon (12)
Electric: Star Dragon (15)
Ice: Alpine Dragon (10)
Metal: Armadillo Dragon (14) (, Battery Dragon (9))
Dark: Poo Dragon (15) (, Hedgehog Dragon (13))
Legendary: Legendary Dragon (60)

Feeding dragons makes them earn more, so have always something running in your farms if you are level 10+!

What can also helps your income are boosts. They are a good investment if you have some spare gold (and a high level), and smartly placed they can make a huge difference.

The second way is to sell dragons. The best dragon to sell is the Jade Dragon (Plant+Metal) because it has a very low breeding time and earns 100K gold.

If you go to sleep, start breeding something else, like Medieval Dragon, which sell for 200K.


Q: Why can't I get the Monday Reward after clicking it?
A: The Monday Reward opens before Monday, as an advertisement to it, so you will have to wait until then to be rewarded.

Q: How do we beat Legendary Dragons lvl 30 without one?
A: Even without a weakness, the legendary element isn't critical against any other dragons, and now with the dragon center you can put some dragons learn skills that do 8000+ damage. 

Q: How do I breed dragons?
A: You go to [Build] then [Buildings] then [Special] and you build a [Breeding Mountain] or/and a [Ultra Breeding Tree]

Free Rewards

Be sure to keep a check on the  Dragon City Fan Page as from time to time they have free rewards to click on!

Helpful Tips

Need gold fast? An easy way to get some is to go to your recruitment market, recruit friends and the pick the Medieval Dragon as your reward. He sells for 200k gold making him worth the most out of the Dandelion Dragon and the Lantern Fish Dragon.

Want to know how to change your Dragons name? Go to their habitat, select them and click on the box with their name in it, highlight it, type in what you want then save, using the floppy disc button at the end of the box.

Visiting Friends Cities

Be sure to visit your friends cities daily to get xp and gold for helping them out!

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