Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dragon Training

BY : Dragon City Ultimate Guide

How to Train your Dragons in your Training Centre.

First your dragon has to be level 15 to qualify. Click the training center and select the white "weights" to go to the dragon choosing screen. Pick your dragon.

Choose the ability you wish to learn, a list of your dragon's current abilities will drop down and ask you which one you wish to lose. You can select what you want to learn and compare it by mousing over the skill you wish to lose. You'll get a % number on how much more powerful the new attack is compared to the old one. Attacks surrounded by a gold border are very strong, you should aim for these.

Once you chose the attack to learn and the attack to delete confirm it and your dragon will begin training. It can take a very long time so keep that in mind when putting a dragon in there.

Below is a chart of all the dragons and their moves that can be trained.

Under construction

Armadillo Dragon 

Judo Kick: Normal : 24 hrs

Asteroid: Earth: 24 hrs
Ninja Stars: Metal : 48 hrs
Asteroid: Earth: 24 hrs

Crystal Dragon

Karate Brick Break : Normal : ? hrs 

Deus Sword: Normal : 48 hrs
Aurora Borealis : Legendary : 24 hrs
Legend Spell: Legendary : 48 hrs

Soccer Dragon

Cryogenic Freeze : Ice : 48 hrs

Cool Fire Dragon

Electric Shock : Electric : 12 hrs

Hot Metal Dragon

Headbutt : Normal : ? hrs
Electric Shock : Electric : ? hrs
Judo Kick : Normal : ? hrs 
Flamethrower : Fire : 24 hrs

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