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Dragon City Breeding

Dragon City Breeding

Dragon City breeding is a special part of the gameplay in Dragon City game. Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine how to breed what without having the formula. In this tutorial, we will give some tutorials on how to breed the dragons that you like and use in Dragon City. You should share this guide with your Dragon City and facebook friends if you have discovered it helpful. Finally make sure you check out the rest of our Dragon City tutorials.

Essential Dragon City Breeding Information

The key of Dragon City breeding is trained during tutorial. You are going to initial have to level up your dragon through feeding to at least level 4. Make a building ground such as Breeding Mountain or Breeding Tree, then you can choose which of the dragon that you would prefer to breed. It will take more time for the dragons to generate the eggs and even more time for the eggs to hatch. The forms of children is dependent on the parents. In inclusion, there is some sort of luck required in breeding that you may not get the dragon you are searching for 100% of the time.
When you initial start the game, we suggest you to begin from creation 1 and breed a couple higher generation dragons. Even so, slow down on the Pure Dragon breeding (We label it generation 4 and 4.5) due to the fact the lengthy breeding time can slow down your game play.
To begin Dragon City breeding, you must first have these simple building blocks. You must buy these dragons from eggs simply because you never have the mom and dad to produce and mate for these basic dragons.
Plant Dragon
Fire Dragon
Earth Dragon
Water Dragon
Electric Dragon
Ice Dragon
Metal Dragon
Dark Dragon

Generation Dragon City Breeding Dragons

Down below is a full list of dragons that you can create by using one step from the basic dragons in Dragon City. The dragons may be replicated in every of the subsection basically for your own advantage. The order at which you input the dragons for breeding will not affect the egg result. It is all essentially based on luck and luck only.
  • Dragon City Breeding Generation 1
Earth Dragon Hybrid
Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + Ice = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Earth + Metal = Armadillo.
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom.
Fire Dragon Hybrid
Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy.
Fire + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal.
Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk.
Fire + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire.
Water Dragon Hybrid
Water + Earth = Mud.
Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard.
Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral.
Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Water + Metal = Mercury or Seashell.
Plant Dragon Hybrid
Plant + Earth = Tropical.
Plant + Fire = Firebird or Spicy.
Plant + Water = Nenufar or Coral.
Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake.
Electric Dragon Hybrid
Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + Fire = Laser or Hot Metal.
Electric + Water = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Electric + Metal = Golden Or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon.
Electric + Ice = Moose.
Ice Dragon Hybrid
Ice + Earth = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Ice + Water = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Medal = Platinum.
Ice + Electric = Moose.
Metal Dragon Hybrid
Metal + Fire = Medieval or Steampunk.
Metal + Water = Mercury or Seashell.
Metal + Ice = Platinum.
Metal + Plant = Jade or Dragonfly.
Metal + Electric = Golden or Battery.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.
Dark Dragon Hybrid
Dark + Earth = Hedgehog or Venom.
Dark + Fire = Vampire or Dark Fire.
Dark + Plant = Carnivore Plant Or Rattle Snake.
Dark + Electric = Neon.
Dark + Ice = Penguin.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.
Dark + Mud = Poo.
  • Dragon City Breeding Generation 2
Mud (Earth + Water) + Dark = Poo.
Medieval (Fire + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock
Neon (Dark + Electric) + Nenufar (Water + Plant) = Pirate.
Zombie + Mud (Earth + Water) = Petroleum.
Laser (Fire + Electric) + Dandelion (Plant + Ice) = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser.
Dragon City Breeding Notes:
Cool Fire can also be obtained through
  • Laser (Fire + Electric) and Dandelion (Plant + Ice)
  • Firebird and Ice.
Armadillo will also received via:
  • Medieval + alpine, pearl + alpine
  • Jade+star
  • Zombie + Mud, and Pearl + flaming rock dragon
Gummy can also be obtained through:
  • Firebird + Fluorecent
  • Firebird + Star
  • Jade + Star
  • Neon + Nenufar
Pirate may also be bred with:
  • Rattlesnake + Lanternfish
  • Neon + Cloud

  • Dragon City Breeding Legendary Generation 3
Legendary Dragon – Cool Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon
Crystal Dragon – Coolfire + Soccer
Mirror Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon, Soccer + CoolFire
  • Pure Dragon Generation 4
Pure Dragon – Any breeding combo from legendary rank dragons – Legendary, Crystal, Mirror, Wind. Such as, Legendary + Crystal, Crystal + Mirror, and …
  • The Pure Element Dragons Generation 5
Soon after you have acquired the Pure dragons, you could use the Dragon City pure dragon to breed the Pure element dragons with their elemental alternatives. Listed below can see all these dragon city breedingpure elemental dragons.

Pure Plant = Pure Dragon + Plant Dragon
Pure Fire = Pure Dragon + Fire Dragon
Pure Earth = Pure Dragon + Earth Dragon
Pure Water = Pure Dragon + Water Dragon
Pure Electric = Pure Dragon + Electric Dragon
Pure Ice = Pure Dragon + Ice Dragon
Pure Metal = Pure Dragon + Metal Dragon
Pure Dark = Pure Dragon + Dark Dragon
Dragon City Breeding

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