Monday, May 14, 2012

How to get the best custom firmware to any PSP!

I'll show you how to get the best custom firmware to any PSP!!!
First download this:

Then extract the downloaded ".rar" file and create a folder named "UPDATE"
and put the extracted file named "EBOOT.PBP" in the "UPDATE" folder.
Then connect your memory stick to your PC via PSP or card reader and put the "UPDATE" folder in this location PSP/GAME .
Run the installer and install the 3.65 firmware.
After the installation download:

After you downloaded the file, extract it.
Connect your memory stick.
Then copy the “PROUPDATE” and ”FastRecovery” folders in the location PSP/GAME.
Go to your PSP. Put the memory stick in.
Run the Pro Updater.
There you have it.
Everytime you restart turn off your PSP completely, when you turn it on, it will be again version 6.35, you have to run the "PROUPDATE" again.
Now to run games, create a folder in the root of your memory stick named ”ISO”.
You can download games here:


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